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Leadership Team

The Arka leadership team is a group of socio entrepreneurs with an ardent desire to do business with a larger social responsibility and a passion for renewable energy adoption. Cashing in on a cumulative experience of over 100 person years in the field of environment sciences, energy management, renewable energy, large NGO projects in rural India, manufacturing, project management and financing, they strive to achieve their well articulated vision.

The team at the helm steering the company to untrammeled territories and providing their astute leadership to help take the company to greater heights is…

  • Ms. Rajitha - Chairperson
  • Mr Satya Gopinath – Managing Director
  • Mr M Srinivas- Director
  • Mr MNV Sridhar- Director
  • Mr B Satya Narayana – Director, Finance
  • Mr T Raghavaiah – Director, Strategy and Business Development


Our tagline - ' Innovating to Enrich' - sums up our vision of touching lives through innovative solutions harnessing Nature's abundant largesse to address our worsening...

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To be an agent of change in promoting the adoption of renewable energy. Offering affordable, innovative products and solutions to our customers..

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