PRODUCTS - High Pressure Sodium street lights

As we all know sodium vapor lamps cause little light pollution than mercury lamps. It is a high intensity discharge lamp that uses sodium high pressure as the primary light producing element. We will compare 60 watts high pressure sodium vapor street light with following specification

  • Better Life span is 20,000-30,000 hrs compared than mercury lamps
  • Power consumption -60 watts
  • Required Beam angle -360,considering pole height of 10 feet

To calculate beam spread, Beam width = angle x. 018 x distance=64.8 feet rectangle Based on the 270 degree beam spread as discussed above. 60 lumens per watts, totally flux=3600 lumens

Lux = foot candle x 10.76(for 10 feet pole height 1fc=100 lumens)=(36 x 10.76) 387.36

Lux/watt =6.4